The Black Madonna

Our ancient, battered, much loved, little understood black virgins are a still-living archetypal image that lies at the heart of our civilization and have a profound message for us.

Ian Begg

The Black Madonna, the dark feminine, is arising in our psyches now because we need her. Images of the Black Madonna are vessels, chalices, that serve as portals and doorways through which the powerful healing energies of the divine feminine can pour. In her images can be found the full power and beauty of the Sacred Feminine. She is the triple goddess, the queen of heaven, earth, and the underworld, the creative energy that destroys to create new life and also unifies and unites all things. She is the womb, the matrix out of which all new life is born and is guiding the death and rebirth we are now experiencing on a personal and global level.

The Black Madonna can be heard clearly in the voices of the indigenous people around the world that are calling us to honour and heal our precious earth.

Looking into her piercing eyes at Chartre, Limoux, Rocamador and other sacred sights, one is shown the path of transmutation of body, soul, and spirit. She is the prima materia of the Alchemists, the bringer of light into the darkness of matter.

In the workshop we will also explore the image of Mary Magdalene, Grail Queen, and dark goddess of the western tradition, who has been made to carry the cast off shadow qualities of feminine sexuality and earthiness, repressed in the image of the Virgin Mary. Mary Magdalene is intimately connected to the Black Madonna shrines of Southern France. Now the true knowledge of her power and co-partnership with the Christ, that has been secretly held in the inner mystical tradition is returning.

We will honour and remember the black Madonna through viewing a visual presentation of her images, and in meditation, walking the labyrinth, poetry and simple practices, open to her transformative, healing grace.

Awakening to Love - The Flowering of the Heart

Several years ago in meditation I had an experience of being taken to a cave high in the Himalayas, where a group of beings sitting in a circle, were sharing whether to release the light energies that would transform the earth. Some in the group were concerned we were not ready and would not respond to the call to awaken. They came to an agreement to go forward and then I was shown many thousands of sacred hearts opening up within people all over the planet. The ancient symbol of the sacred heart is a symbol of the opening of unity consciousness-the universal Christ consciousness within our hearts and minds. When the heart centre is fully opened, it becomes a channel for universal love; what the Buddhists call Nahakaruna or "the great compassion" and esoteric Christians call "the Christ consciousness. At the time I found the vision very enlightening and hopeful. I believe by 2012 we will be entering unity consciousness and this process is now happening for many. The flowering of the heart workshop will assist you in this opening and ascension.

At our very core we are Love. The flowering of the heart is a softening and opening of the heart to our true nature. Through directly experiencing the grace and love of the Divine Mother, we can allow ourselves to surrender and release old wounds, beliefs, and memories held in the heart and soul that have blocked our ability to love freely. As we surrender in trust, love expands and we begin to feel an inner sense of joy and peace. Our sense of separation begins to disappear as we come home to our shared oneness and connection to all life.

The initiation of the heart acts as a gateway into higher consciousness, into the remembrance of our divine human selves. As we open in the workshop and allow divine light to descend into our very cells, this assists in our transformation. We have been seeded to make this shift - now is the time of our Awakening.

If one completes the journey to one's own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else.

Father Thomas Keating

Heart Image
Women of Wisdom and Power

The experience of the Self brings a feeling of standing on solid ground inside oneself, on a patch of inner eternity that even physical death cannot touch.

Marie-Louise Von Franz

As women we are being called now to stand in our beauty and power-grounded in the sacred feminine, rooted in mother earth, and with open hearts assist in the change that is upon us. Drawing upon the radiant living energy of Christ Mary Magdalene, the embodiment of wisdom, love and power, you are assisted to release any doubts and insecurities, and in service to the divine, move into the world in whatever ways you are called, during this profound time of change and Awakening.

Coming to the Well

Sacred holy wells, fed by streams deep within the earth, have been associated with the divine feminine since time immemorial. Pilgrims would come to listen, worship, and drink the healing waters. The wells were often tended by a wise old woman, who gave oracles to those who came there seeking wisdom and healing.

Gathering together in sacred space, and bringing questions and concerns, you will listen deeply to the messages from your soul. The soul speaks in symbol and metaphor and you will learn to understand the beauty of its language. I will help to open a living stream of wisdom that can be drawn upon to nourish, guide, and sustain you.


And the Great Mother said:
Come, my child, and give me all that you are.
Give me your tired spirit.
I will lay it to rest in my soft meadows.
I will cradle you in the boughs of my ancient redwoods.
And the valleys of my gentle rolling hills.
You are not alone, and you have never been alone.

Linda Reuther

We will gather together surrounded by nature, immersed in her beauty, and cultivate the forgotten feminine qualities of waiting, listening, being empty. And in this quiet and peace you can deeply centre within, be nourished and renewed.