Transformational Intuitive Counselling
Soul Readings

Faith is the bird that feels the light
and sings when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore

We experience in our lives the challenges and problems needed to grow and evolve. If you can understand these challenges from a deeper soul perspective, then it is possible to experience healing, transformation, and a sense of clarity and direction, that is alignment with your soul’s path.

Awakening to Love

Now is the time of "the great turning", of our awakening from a sense of separation and fear into a consciousness of love, joy and oneness. This major planetary shift has been predicted by many cultures including the Mayan and Hopi. In the mystical western tradition it is called "the timing of the rose". This requires us to go through a process of transformation, guided by grace, to purify and release outmoded patterns and beliefs. It is a deep healing of the heart and soul. Transformational Intuitive Counselling can assist you in this process.

The session includes:

  • Identifying blocks that are preventing you from living from your higher self
  • Your next steps in the Awakening process
  • What needs to be released to open your heart more to love and oneness
  • Looking at your mission and purpose, as you make the shift into unity consciousness

Chakra Readings

The seven chakras
are the windows
of the soul


These centers operate at a subtle level, yet affect every aspect of your life. Each chakra correlates to different attributes; for example, the first chakra is connected to earth and our grounding and survival.

Old beliefs, patterns and memories from this and past lives, can be held in the chakras and profoundly affect our reality.


Healing the chakras assists in bringing mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony, and is very important in the Awakening process.

In the session I will read your chakras one at a time, sharing with you what I see, and gently and energetically assist you in releasing and healing, so that you can open fully to your true self and potential.

Spiritual Counselling
  • Assists you as you move through major life transitions, and the process of awakening.
  • Spiritual counseling offers healing and inspiration for those experiencing a "dark night of the soul". This can take many forms including illness, death of a loved one, divorce or career loss. Often there can be confusion and depression.
  • The "dark night of the soul" can be a part of the Awakening process and assists you to purify your ego self. It is a shamanic death and dismemberment process that can radically transform your consciousness.

It is the paradox of spiritual growth that through such bleak winter journeys we eventually come through a hidden door into a bright field of springtime that we could never have discovered otherwise. This is the heart of the mystical.

John O'Donahue

The sessions are available in person or by phone. To make an appointment please call (604) 913-6743. The cost for each session is $100.